Sriracha: A Spicy Slapping Card Game

Posted: July 03, 2021
Sriracha: A Spicy Slapping Card Game
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Sriracha: The Game gets spicy by getting slappy. Think Slapjack with popular foods people like to smother with the Huy Fong Foods hot sauce. Burgers, eggs, tacos, pizza, Ramen I think I even see some sushi in there.

Each round, Sriracha: The Game players get their reflexes and tolerances for pain ready to slap the deck when a food pair drops, or when someone serves up a "sandwich." A sandwich happens when two of the same card appear on either side of a middle card. The first player to collect all of the cards, who will likely also be the player with a hand the color of a sriracha bottle, wins.

The Sriracha Spicy Slapping Card Game is suitable for players 7 and up.

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