Posted: June 25, 2021
Check It Out

Get ready to maneuver through SpyderPong's web of mashups. The net-on-net table game from Franklin Sports combines elements of ping-pong, volleyball, and 4-square into a single competitive endeavor playable by up to 6 people at a time.

SpyderPong uses what appear to be standard table tennis paddles, but rather than little hard plastic balls, you'll bat around larger inflatable balls. Two sizes of them, in fact, as the set includes 2" and 4.5" SpyderPong balls. The smaller ball is a high-bouncer that pairs with the paddles for a twist on ping-pong, and the larger is a handball for playing SpyderPong's nod to volleyball and 4-square.

Not bad, SpyderPong, but I think Bossaball still has you beat.

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