SPAM Yahtzee

Posted: January 19, 2022
SPAM Yahtzee
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SPAM Yahtzee! Is that what happens when you nail a spammer? Or what happens when a spammer nails you, and everyone in your contacts list? In this case, unfortunately or fortunately depending on which one you think it could be, it's neither. SPAM Yahtzee is a SPAM-branded version of the classic dice game.

A SPAM-spammed version, if you will.

It's a good collaboration too, I think. Little rolling cubes meet giant jiggling cuboids. Rather than pips, the 6 sides of the dice in SPAM Yahtzee are printed with a number and a drawing of a delicious dish you can make with SPAM. They are:

  1. SPAM Sushi Roll
  2. SPAM & Noodles
  3. SPAM Musubi
  4. Fried SPAM Sandwich
  5. SPAM Kabobs
  6. SPAM Fries

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