Spaceteam Shouting Card Game

Posted: May 12, 2016
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Adapted from the Spaceteam mobile game, Spaceteam the card game encourages all players to engage in a cherished American pastime: shouting.

Spaceteam is also a game of cooperation and racing against a (very short) clock. The goal is for 3 to 6 players to collaborate on the task of fixing their malfunctioning spaceship in 5 minutes or less. Because that's how long before they all get sucked into a black hole. At the start of play, each participant is dealt a draw pile and a hand of Tool cards they will need to repair the various problems their ship has. Draw piles contain a random distribution of Malfunctions, Anomaly, and Systems Go cards. These will help you to determine what needs fixing...and also make fixing them harder...along the way. Tool cards are what you will use to fix the draw pile problems.

Except you're probably not going to have all the tools the Malfunction cards designate they must have for a proper repair. Now comes the shouting.

Since you're working together with all of the other players, you are welcome to share tools / cards with them. But you must first ask them if they have the tool you need. And tools have names like "Kilobypass Transformer" and "Flabenhooger". Or they have no name at all, and are just an icon you must describe. And everyone is asking everyone else for what they need at once because, again, 5 minute countdown to permanent black holedom. Want to be heard? You gotta be loud. LOUDER. LOUDER!

There are other Spaceteam rules and roadblocks to contend with during the fight to stay adrift too--you can't pass cards to anyone but the player directly to your right and left, an Anomaly card can physically send a player away from the game--but you'll probably get the best understanding of how the game works in the above video.

Spaceteam comes with 90 cards, a timer, and instructions. It is recommended for ages 10+. Unless you also decide to throw in the Spaceteam Expansion: NSFS pack because you want to shout at friends crudely and profanely, in which case you probably shouldn't invite anyone under 18 aboard.

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