Sh*t Four-Letter Puzzle

Posted: June 18, 2020
Sh*t Four-Letter Puzzle
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Not only does shit about sum up the year so far, the shit here is also a SHiT Four-Letter Puzzle from Knock Knock, so it will keep you entertained - in dazzling disco colors! - when the next disaster of 2020 strikes and you can't leave your house for weeks again.

SHiT is a Four-Letter Puzzle both because it features the favorite, multi-faceted four-letter word, and also because each of the four letters is its own puzzle of about 100 pieces. Total piece count is 394, all coated in holographic foil.

I wonder if Knock Knock packages the SHiT puzzle such that each letter's pieces are sealed in their own bag, or if they just throw them all together and let you sort that shit out yourself.

I hope it's the second one. That would be both shitty and the shit.

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