ShiZap! Shocking Stacking Block Game

Posted: October 24, 2021
ShiZap! Shocking Stacking Block Game
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The dudes and ladies behind ShiZap! knew they couldn't solve all the world's problems, but when they sat down to consider their contribution, they concluded they could conquer at least one: how to make Jenga even more stressful and difficult. I think their solution, adding an electric shock component, i.e., physical pain, to the stacking block game, is a resounding success.

Oh, and instead of wood blocks, ShiZap! uses clear plastic blocks and an LED base that makes them glow green when the lights are out. To encourage gameplay in the dark. To jack up your vision and proprioception. To increase your chances of screwing up and getting ShiZap!-ed.

ShiZap! allows players to "choose your level of pain" from Zip, Zap, or ShiZap! before the start of each round. Shocks are administered somewhat at random via a pair of patent-pending zapper tweezers, with players using them to pull out a brick, re-stack it, and pass the tweezers to the next person before they go off.

The game ends when some poor bastard knocks over the tower, and earns him / herself a 3-second penalty shock.

ShiZap!'s battery-powered base is responsible for the game's zapping capabilities, along with the light show and "panic-inducing music" that plays while you do. Not surprisingly, ShiZap! is not recommended for children under the age of 14 - try Chewbacca Operation if you're here looking for a gift for a kid.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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