School of Hard Blocks - Alphabet Blocks for Adults

Posted: October 04, 2017
School of Hard Blocks - Alphabet Blocks for Adults
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The School of Hard Blocks is a set of 12 alphabet blocks modeled after the traditional wood children's blocks, but made of concrete. And made for adults who need to learn, ponder, or build up their own ABCs. Adultery. Bankruptcy. Colonoscopy. Divorce. Existential dread.

Use the School of Hard Blocks as desktop art, a white elephant or novelty gift, or build them into a 3D vision board depicting all the shit in life you're going to avoid...at least the second (fine, third) time. Since one face of every block also has an etching of its starring letter, feel free to use them to spell out the words that bubble up from your gut when you see topics like "STD," "Erectile Dysfunction," and "Dentists."

Or just throw a few Hard Blocks to burn off the steam. They're concrete, they'll land satisfyingly hard. Might even break something. Like your ex's car window.

From name to execution to creator SKW design firm's own description of their product, I gotta say, The School of Hard Blocks is as clever and fun as it is cynical. If you agree, head over to Kickstarter and grab a set of your own Hard Blocks through October 30, 2017.

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