Savage Choices - The Party Game That Ruins Lives

Posted: September 03, 2018
Savage Choices - The Party Game That Ruins Lives
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I think the Savage Choices logo is a golden poo because it represents the kind of accomplishment any winner of the party game will feel: superior and triumphant, yet also like shit.

Savage Choices calls itself, "The party game that ruins lives" because rather than building offensive Mad Libs about random people and topics, players in this round-robin card game build them about one another. Like Cards Against Humanity, each Savage Choices round designates a new player as Judge. The rest of the players, drawing from their hand of cards, must select two to present before the judge, and then convince him or her to pick them.

So what's on the cards? NSFW content, to be sure.

Black Savage Choices cards, character cards, contain names of famous or infamous people. Santa Claus. Dracula. Kim Jong Un. Jon Snow. White attribute cards have descriptions of what a character might do - his or her most prominent trait. Such as "Always has the hiccups," "Smells like a homeless person," and "Kills a child every time they orgasm."

So whereas normally in these sorts of card games the round's judge has the luxury of selecting cards and deciding who gets a point, in Savage Choices, the choice could be between living out the rest of his/her life as Jesus who tries to seduce elderly people, or the Devil who will never hit puberty.

Savage Choices recommends gameplay continue "until you hate yourself."

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