Posted: November 01, 2019
$100 - $182
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I hope RoboSoccer the game is as cool as RoboSoccer the name. I mean, minus 1 point right away for being tabletop rather than lifesize, but I guess I can forgive that given the space limitations of my condo.

RoboSoccer sets app-connected robot players on a soccer pitch, and invites their human pilots to direct their attacks, defenses, and attempts to score. Robot representatives use gamepads with smartphone mounts to move and maneuver the robots through the RoboSoccer app.

The robots themselves have a lift mechanism and magnetic cannon to use in grasping and shooting the soccer ball. Their wheels allow for 360-degree movement.

The RoboSoccer pitch is foldable and the robots pocket-sized for portability. RoboSoccer backers on Kickstarter can get starter packages with 2 robots, or upgrade to bigger teams with their pledges. The RoboSoccer campaign runs through November 28, 2019. Click here to check it out.

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