Risk: Game of Thrones Edition

Posted: July 25, 2015
Risk: Game of Thrones Edition
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Just when I thought the suspense couldn't get any worse...or the wait any longer...than it is just watching the kings, avengers, enterprisers, and power hungry on Game of Thrones the series fight to control Westeros. Now Risk has released its own GoT edition in a move to add at least another 3 hours of battle, bloodshed, and gratuitous nudity to any night I unfold its board. Which is still a more immediate payoff than the series: start by 8 p.m. and know who's landed the Iron Throne by midnight.

Risk: Game of Thrones follows the same basic rules as the original, with a new pair of boards and 3 different ways to play. On one board is Westeros and a version for 3 to 5 players to assume factions of noble Houses and vie for the Iron Throne during the time of The War of the Five Kings. On the other board lies Essos and an opportunity for 2 players to play along with Daenerys Targaryen's rise to power, contesting the rule of Ghiscari slavers. Combine both maps for a 7-player war incorporating all 7 Houses.

Version Game of Thrones has more than 650 pieces (one for each character Martin has introduced?) Each of the 7 Houses has armies of 45 pieces each to cover the first 315. Then there are character cards, silver-foil stamps of House sigils, gold dragon coins, maester cards, and quest cards to round out the second half of things that are probably going to get lost or stolen by your friend Cornelius after the first game.

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