RampShot Backyard Game

Posted: June 22, 2021
RampShot Backyard Game
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RampShot calls its backyard game - or beach game, or park game, or tailgate game - "cornhole on steroids," and I don't know if that intrigues or intimidates me. I mean, I once got a black eye from playing your plain ol' non-GMO cornhole, and I don't even want to talk about what happened to my crotchal region the last time I tried Spikeball. Let's just say I had to call in the Testicuzzi.

So now we have RampShot, created to up the pace and excitement of sleepy cornhole with racquetball-style balls that bounce and fly off plastic ramps, or sink into attached nets for a 3-point score. RampShot is a 4-player game, and every turn 3 of the 4 players remain active to prevent gameplay from becoming more about standing around, getting drunk and dehydrated waiting for a turn, than participating.

In addition to earning 3 points for a net shot, teams earn 1 point if they bounce a ball off the top of the ramp, and the teammate standing at that end catches it. Hitting the front, downward sloped portion of the ramp on a throw causes the ball to bounce back toward the shooter, as well as the opponent standing at the shooting end. If the opponent catches the ball on the bounceback, his / her team earns an extra shot.

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