QR Cup Truth or Dare

Posted: July 25, 2015
QR Cup Truth or Dare
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These days, the word "party" means: booze; red cups; and everyone standing around looking at their phones. But rather than whinig about it, or trying to fight it, QR-Cups has done what any enterprising American company would do: capitalized on it. QR-Cups combines the definition of today's party atmosphere, smartphones and tablets, with the definition of yesterday's, a game of Truth or Dare, to bridge the then and the now. And create a new way for people to break the ice and make one another feel exposed and uncomfortable without forcing them to relinquish their mobile devices.

QR-Cups consists of a stack of 25 red cups stamped with QR codes and an accompanying app. Players take turns scanning one another's codes, with the scanner on hook to spill the truth or perform the resultant dare that pops up. Or maybe the code will reveal a challenge for someone else in the group. Or a Truth/Dare for the entire group. Naturally, the constant and vital presence of the cups turns this Truth or Dare into a swell adult drinking game too.

QR-Cups tips include choosing a spot in the group adjacent to people "you don't mind getting a little physical with."

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