Pop Under Pressure Popping Balloon Party Game

Posted: June 13, 2021
Pop Under Pressure Popping Balloon Party Game
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Pop Under Pressure is a party game in which a balloon slowly inflates over the course of each round, creating stress and anxiety to complete various word challenges before it F'ing pops in your face. Are you kidding me?! I thought Operation was the worst form of evil disguised as fun out there. Or maybe Lightning Reaction Reloaded, a game in which players have the ability to electrically shock one another.

But a balloon threatening to pop at any moment every single round of gameplay? Don't we have enough people taking Xanax and struggling with mental health issues as it is?

If you're still curious about Pop Under Pressure (i.e., you yourself are evil, possibly Satan himself), it's a party / family game designed for those 14 and up (i.e., those old enough to understand and fear the consequences of a balloon filled with too much air) and to be played with at least 3 players (i.e., as many people as possible so as to maximize the malaise caused by rubber / latex explosions.) Each round someone spins the Pop Under Pressure spinner to determine which letter they will have to use to come up with words that fit each of 12 categories on a Category Card.

For example, the letter might be "S" and your categories: Shows on Netflix; Things you shouldn't pack in your carry-on; Horrible inventions; Actors; Etc. You'd have to fill in your car with "S" words that represent each of those topics. Schitt's Creek. Saw. Soup. ... I don't know. This is hard. The balloon would definitely pop on my turn. I hate this game.

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