POOP: The Game

Posted: October 26, 2016
Poop: The Game
  • Poop: The Game
  • Poop: The Game
  • Poop: The Game
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Who wants to play another crappy card game? This one looks like POOP before you even open the box. Waka, waka, waka! Yep, I'm a Fozzie Bear-caliber comedian, and this pile of bad poooooons is in honor of POOP: The Game.

A toilet, and toilet humor, take on Uno, POOP invites players to go round robin getting rid of their cards (i.e., pooping in the porcelain pool) without clogging up the toilet. Some players will also get stuck with cards that force them to do "crazy acts."

No, probably not a Dirty Sanchez.

Why? Well I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing because they call POOP "family-friendly" and suitable for players of all ages.

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