Monopoly Scrabble Mashup Game

Posted: July 08, 2023
Monopoly Scrabble Mashup Game
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It's a Monopoly Scrabble Mashup Game! Or, as they should have called it, Ponymolo! Or Omnoplyo! Or Lypomoon!

Winning Moves says their board game "combines the best elements of the Monopoly game with the crossword-building play of Scrabble." I hope that means I get a wad of cash for every X I use, as well as for every time my mama tries to cheat and convince me "brang" is the past tense of "bring," and Zelle isn't just a proper noun.

According to the Monopoly Scrabble Mashup's instructions, I will have no such luck. Rather, players collect money the same way they do in traditional Monopoly - when someone lands on a space you own. However, instead of rolling dice to move around the board, players take turns building words, and move according to their score. Building a word on a premium space awards you the Monopoly property affiliated with it, and the rent anyone who stops there must fork over.

The Monopoly Scrabble Mashup winner is the player with the most money and property value combined when the last Scrabble tile goes down.

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