Monopoly for Sore Losers

Posted: October 06, 2021
Monopoly for Sore Losers
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If I had a Monopoly dollar for every kid...and CEO...and politician...who could use a copy of Monopoly for Sore Losers, I'd be so rich I'd take out Uncle Pennybags as the new face of Monopoly.

Interestingly, Monopoly for Sore Losers isn't about rewarding losers for losing with winnings such as participation trophies, ice cream sundaes, and hefty inheritances they never did jack shit to earn. Instead, the game doles out coins and power to players for doing things like paying rent and taxes, and going to jail.

So really, it shouldn't be called Monopoly for Sore Losers, it should be called Monopoly Fantasy Land for the Poor & Middle Class.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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