LED Beer Pong Table

Posted: December 22, 2012

I have so many reasons to celebrate. 1) It didn't reach 1215 degrees F yesterday (and despite some initial white-knuckling turbulence, my airplane did not fall out of the sky). 2) Three days from now I'm going to be receiving a sleigh full of presents from Santy Claus (who also goes by "Mama"). 3) In just over a week it's going to be 2013 (again, not degrees F). Is this not cause for celebration in the form of a blowout bacchanalian bash featuring a master's class beer pong tournament centerpieced by a custom crafted, dancing LED beer pong table? Mama, please add $595 cash to that overflowing sleigh.

Kenneth Tran's combination RGB light show and playing field has a regulation length of 8', and an extra wide 2-1/2' lateral span for side cup and beer storage. Red Solo-holding triangles pulse through their colored LEDs in various user-set modes (including Epilepsy Mode!--watch the video) while 480 white LEDs alight the table's sides. Finally, a way to play beer pong on acid without actually dropping acid. Which doesn't pair very well with Miller High Life anyway. I've heard.

The LED beer pong table is surfaced with Plexiglass for easy cleaning (presumably this includes substances other than beer as well, such as Taco Bell bean burritos and vomit), and has folding legs, 2 bungee cords, 2 wheel pads, and built-in handles for portability. Like when you want to be the rockstar who showed up with a beer pong table on the ski trip or introductory dinner at your girlfriend's parents' house.

February 2014 Update: LED Beer Pong Tables is currently preparing to launch a Kickstarter project of their latest model, the Infinity Glow. Anticipated price is $475. Check out the company's Website for updates and information on how to back the crowdfunding campaign when it goes live.

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