Juego de Domino - Concrete Dominoes

Posted: May 05, 2022
Juego de Domino - Concrete Dominoes
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Wonder what kind of damage concrete dominoes do when you knock them over. This Juego de Domino set is made by MDC, a concrete design studio based out of Mexico City. And, perhaps for the first time in contemporary history, it appears to be a domino set intended for actual domino gameplay, rather than domino run-building and toppling.

Which brings us to our next question: do any of you dudes or ladies out there know how to play dominoes? This dude sure as sh-ement, sand, water, air, and gravel doesn't.

But while neither building a domino run, nor playing a game of dominoes may be in the cards tiles for MDC's Juego de Domino, the modern, minimalist concrete set and its container are works of art as much as they are entertainment. And perhaps interactive in both senses, if you set your set out on display, and allow those who pass to stack, build, and contribute to an ever-changing concrete domino sculpture.

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