GoCube Electronic Bluetooth Rubik's Cube

Posted: August 12, 2020
GoCube Electronic Bluetooth Rubik's Cube
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Want to participate in the inaugural digital speed cubing competition? Huh? The what? In less fancy terms, that's the 2020 Rubik's World Cup, this year playable remotely by amateur and pro color block speedsters alike in the digital Rubik's Arena beginning August 16, 2020. All you need to participate is the above GoCube Bluetooth-connection Rubik's Cube, or the new Rubik's Connected Cube.

Sponsored by Red Bull, the Rubik's World Cup will begin with 4 qualifying rounds, with the best 16 cubers from each competing head-to-head on puzzle-solving speed. Since this is a digital competition, the connected GoCube allows players, viewers, and judges to track and see (and rewind if they want) every twist and turn participants are making of their physical cube at home. Three finalists from the initial rounds will compete for a grand prize of $30,000.

Whether you want to participate in the Rubik's World Cup, or against your friend Cornelius for your respective living rooms, or against yourself, tracking progress, moves, and speed as you get better, the GoCube has you covered, and connected. It's also a good choice for a STEM gift for kids, having received a 2020 Parent's Choice Silver Award.

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