Game Night Table Topper

Posted: May 27, 2020
Game Night Table Topper
$199.99 - $269.99
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For poker card deals, Cards Against Humanity handovers, and D&D dice rolls, the Game Night Table Topper endeavors to make your board and deck interactions smooth and free of bumps and creases. Plus keep the table underneath smooth and free of water rings and spilled beers.

Portable and storable, the Game Night Table Topper comes in 40" x 40", 40" x 60", 40" x 80", and 48" x 80" sizes, all covered in soft felt surfaces designed to prevent cards from creasing during gameplay, The Topper also has a pair of built-in Stuffholders at each gaming section, so both lefties and righties have a cup-holder, along with an extra holder for game pieces and dice. Bordering the piece is a soft, faux leather buffer for forearm and elbow comfort.

Game Night Table Toppers come in black, red, green, and blue. Another board, dice, and card game option, if you want see the Game Night Table Topper and raise it...about 6 inches, is the Level Up board game platform.

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