Fowling - Portable Football Bowling Game

Posted: August 21, 2022
Fowling - Portable Football Bowling Game
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Fowling is pronounced like "foal" not "fowl," but it's not fooling anyone into thinking the majority of gameplay is going to consist of the latter. In both iterations of the homophone. Combining football and bowling into a yard game or tailgate tagalong will surely be full of fouls, fowl-like throws, and foul results when you hit someone nearby with the ball or a flying bowling pin. Especially if that someone happens to be in foul mood, or a fowl of the Canada Goose persuasion.

Nonetheless, Fowling is here to help you throw-bowl out the last days of summer, and strike in the first days of fall. The game sets up with 2 boards spaced apart, mmm, I'd recommend no more than 10 yards based on my own capabilities, and stacked with 10 bowling pins each. The goal is obviously to throw the football and knock down all the pins. A red center pin provides an instant win opportunity, if one player manages to knock it down from its center position, without falling the other 9 pins, on their very first throw in a Fowling game.

Fowling components, which also apparently include an air pump and "endless fun," all store within the 2 boards, which themselves latch and close to form a portable case.

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