Flingons Flingable Magnetic Stress Toys

Posted: March 21, 2017

Flingons look like miniature boomerangs, but the twist here is that when you throw them they don't come back. They stick with great projectile prowess to any metal surface you toss them at, or to one another.

You can use Flingons as a game, a fidget toy, a stress buster, or even a source of art. The X-shaped flingers are lightweight and flexible, with a magnet in each arm for contorting and connecting them into desktop sculptures and device stands, bracelets and EDM-ready eye wraps.

Like other fidget toys and idle hands-occupiers, Flingons are intended to focus energy, reduce stress-related cortisol levels, and foster creativity. The fact that getting pelted in the head with one probably wouldn't hurt that bad also makes them prime ammo for office warfare.

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