CosyKiller Murder Mystery Subscription Boxes

Posted: July 23, 2019
CosyKiller Murder Mystery Subscription Boxes
$40 - $440
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Red Herring Games takes trendy subscription box services to killer levels with their CosyKiller murder mystery box games. Each murder storyline is designed to take a year to solve, with 12 unique boxes shipped monthly providing clues and ciphers, puzzles, mementos, and sketches and photos you'll use to piece together the background, unravel the plot, and catch the killer.

At printing, CosyKiller had two stories for subscribers to choose from, "An Inheritance Of Murder" and "The Curse Of King Humanrah." Payment options include a one-time investment for the year and monthly plans, both of which ship one box per month, as well as a pay-as-you-go model for people who want to work at a slower pace.

The final installment of CosyKiller stories always includes the whodunnit and an explanation, but for those struggling along the way, CosyKiller also has murder mystery support groups for players to join.

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