Contropiede Transparent Foosball Table

Posted: July 15, 2017
Contropiede Transparent Foosball Table
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I wonder if the Contropiede Foosball Table's removal of color and opacity will make it easier or harder to keep my eye on the ball. (So I don't screw the game up for all the other kids who are trying to develop their skills, per my mama during my brief stint in Little League.)

Designed and handcrafted in Italy, this stylized take on the game room staple is made of crystal glass and chromed aluminum, and, at 16 grand, would make a stunning addition to any home with a high school graduate who decided he wants to use his college tuition money to pursue professional foosball.

The Contropiede edition of this collection of Teckell transparent foosball tables comes in a few different designs: the total transparency you see above; a version with a green tinted "field" and matte black legs; or one with solid walnut legs. Tables have adjustable levelers, an integrated score keeper, and corner ramps to keep the ball in play. All purchases come with 8 balls. Eight! That's probably why the transparent foosball table costs so much.

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