Cluebox - 60-Minute Escape Room in a Box

Posted: August 31, 2020
Cluebox - 60-Minute Escape Room in a Box
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Escaping a box sounds like about the worst task ever to me. I can't even watch David Blaine do that shit without needing a Xanax. Luckily, Cluebox doesn't require one to crawl inside its 4.7" cubed birchwood walls to make their escape. This escape room in a box is a handheld brain teaser, a puzzle completed from the outside rather than the confines of an uncomfortably small space within.

Handmade by the crafty cats at iDventure Games, Cluebox consists of various puzzles whose successful, and successive, completion leads to the unlocking of the box. In other words, solve one puzzle, and you'll gain access to the next, with the last puzzle revealing the center of the box, a small empty space suitable for hiding small valuables, or turning the Cluebox into a devious gift a la the Puzzle Pod your recipient will have to work to collect.

Cluebox typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes to solve, and in addition to the thoughtful and unique craftsmanship that goes into building it, iDventure Games has come up with a thoughtful and unique escape room story to make the game more interesting. It's based on a thought experiment conducted by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger scientists now call Schrodinger's Cat. To illustrate the problems of quantum mechanics in everyday objects, Schrodinger imagined a cat and some poison locked together in a closed box. According to the rules laid out by quantum mechanics, after some period of time, the cat will be both dead and alive.

In the Cluebox story, Schrodinger has placed the cat and the poison in the box, and then plum forgotten about them. Your mission: save the cat. Or better, get to it at the exact moment it is both dead and alive.

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