Cards Against Humanity Absurd Box

Posted: November 24, 2018
Cards Against Humanity Absurd Box
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Cards Against Humanity, in conjunction with (and probably as the biggest reason for) their best ever Black Friday 99% off sale event, has released the Absurd Box. It's a 300-card expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity that promises to be "pretty weird" on account of the face the CAH kids came up with the cards after taking peyote and traipsing through the desert.

As the defining adult party game of our generation - any generation, really - Cards Against Humanity has launched dozens of knockoffs and unofficial expansion packs (I do like Crabs Adjust Humidity). Though I haven't seen its contents yet, I can't imagine the Absurd Box won't exceed the lofty expectations we've set for the game. And oh what fun it will be to see my stuck up Aunt Jan learning about FUPAs and upper deckers during post-Christmas-dinner game time.

I do wish I hadn't missed out on the 17th Century Italian Halberd Cards Against Humanity sold for $18.50 at the 99% off sale.

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