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Posted: January 21, 2016
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Oh boy, the rec room is about to get wrecked. Super Chexx made this Bubble Hockey Table specifically for the home, with coin-free operation and a dome covering the playfield that they describe as "indestructible." A bold statement given the reputation of the sport at hand. You can bet your ball sack the Canadians who play Bubble Hockey are going to test that claim frequently and rigorously.

The hockey table gives each of 2 players control over the 5 skaters and goalie of a team. Overhead lighting, plus live rink sound effects and game calls accompany play, with goals, shots, periods, and run time all tracked and displayed electronically. Puck return is automatic too--after a player scores a goal, it returns to and pops up from the center of the rink. An external knob also allows players to control the game's volume, so you can turn it down (or up) when the wet blankets in your house are trying to sleep or watch the Oprah channel.

Bubble Hockey Table dimensions are 60" deep x 30" wide x 54" high. The "indestructible" dome cover is hinged, and swings open for cleaning.

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