BRUU Moving Beer Pong Robot

Posted: May 05, 2023
BRUU Moving Beer Pong Robot
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Bro...bruh...BRUU...I shink...I shink the beer pong cupsh are bruuu- uh, moooving.

What? Naw, dude, you're just drunk. You've got the spins, the beer pong cups aren't moving, you're- whoa! Holy crap, you're right! The beer pong cups are moving.

Drunk, headed drunk's direction, or still stone cold sober, the BRUU Beer Pong Robot brings a new level of difficulty to your favorite drinking game: a moving target. The caddy on wheels holds 6 standard red cups and works on any pong table. By "works," BRUU means the robot not only drives around during gameplay, but also uses built-in sensors to detect table edges so it, and your beers, won't fall off. Choose between Slow, Medium, and Fast rolling speeds to customize and continue to increase the challenge.

The Beer Pong Robot is powered by a rechargeable battery that runs around 20 hours per charge. Each package includes a single robot and some ping-pong balls. If you want to play traditional beer pong, you'll need 2 robots, but BRUU also includes instructions for how to play a different version of the game with a single Beer Pong Robot.

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