Boogie Dice - Self-Rolling, Sound-Activated Dice

Posted: April 30, 2019
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Before I tell you about Boogie Dice, let me ask, are you into technology? Do you like a spectacle? Are you lazy? Affirmatives to any of the above encourage these self-rolling, sound-activated LED dice to boogie their way into an online shopping cart near you.

Boogie Dice have little monsters...no, wait, motors...inside them that respond to sound. Clap your hands, pound the table, or play one of the tones from the dice's app to send the pair into convulsive fits that could turn up a lucky number 7. Or snake eyes.

You can sub in Boogie Dice for any standard dice in your existing boards games. The smart dice app also comes pre-programmed with some Boogie Games that max out their disco light and rolling behavior. You can use the app to set roll duration and LED colors too.

Boogie Dice are rechargeable, and come with a charging stand.

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