Boob Cube

Posted: October 05, 2016
Boob Cube
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The Boob Cube is for idiots. And for geniuses. And for idiots who want to convince people they're really geniuses. And for geniuses you want to make feel like idiots. So, yeah, pretty much an ideal gift for any person in the world.

As Boob Cube creator Moving Parts mentions, the 6-sided, once-split bastard of a Rubik's Cube and, uh, a screw top? has enjoyed much prestige in the scientific community, and booming sales amongst consumers, the latter highlighted by a Kickstarter campaign that failed miserably. Those who are man enough to tackle the logic puzzle may spend hours, even years and a bout of carpal tunnel, twisting through its mathematical (and temporal!) anomalies. Those who believe they have found a solution to the Boob Cube are invited to share it via, text, diagram, or video in Moving Parts' online community of Boobs. Boobies? Boobers? Beliebers? I'll have to double check on the nomenclature.

NOTE: Due to malfunctions leading to the permanent loss of customers, and resultant lawsuits from their families, Moving Parts can no long include a Flux Capacitor with your Boob Cube purpose. However, you can buy one separately here.

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