Bonk: The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game

Posted: May 28, 2020
Bonk: The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game
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Huh. The Bonk: The Fast Rolling Ricochet Game I play doesn't look anything like this. Well, I guess my version occasionally involves metal balls, but they're usually strung together more like a necklace and...well...nevermind. Let's talk about this Bonk, a tabletop game that brings 2 to 4 players a heap of head-to-head fun. The wholesome kind of fun.

Bonk gameplay is simple: take your place at one of the corner chutes, and roll your steel balls down the ramp in an offensive attempt to knock the larger wooden ball into your opponent's goal, and defensive attempt to keep it away from yours. You'll have to balance your strategy between rapid firing your pellets to score, which also risks losing all of them up front, and trying to "skim the milk," a careful effort to knock the goal ball to the other side of the board in a way that also bumps your steel ball back to you.

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