Black Foil Playing Cards

Posted: March 23, 2020
Black Foil Playing Cards
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These black foil playing cards are cool...uh...if you can read them. All I see is black-on-black making for some foibled flushes and full houses on poker night - Dude! That's 2 kings, 2 aces, and a 7! - and some chronologically-challenged games of solitaire.

Though Texas hold 'em and Klondike with night vision goggles doesn't sound like a bad twist to my COVID-tinged time-passing efforts these days.

In addition to being dark and mysterious, the black foil playing cards are also 100% waterproof, so they won't get marred by a little spilled milk, or angrily knocked tumbler of whiskey, and can be cleaned under the sink for smudge, dirt, and cootie removal after play.

The black foil playing cards shown here come in 5 different designs.

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