Banshees Throwing Cards

Posted: February 14, 2020
Banshees Throwing Cards
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Toss a coin to your Witcher, o'valley of plenty...and then ask him to toss some Banshees throwing cards at the demon killing off all your livestock.

Nah, these aren't bladed throwing cards like the now-discontinued throwing card knives, so they probably couldn't take down a monster, but Banshees are 5 times stronger than your typical paper cards and, true to their name, they fly "with a sonic scream." So they're still tons of fun for target practice and some Geralt of Rivia-style showmanship for the ladies at your next house party, or Netflix & Chill night.

Playing card creator Jason Brumbalow's Banshees design was inspired by card throwing world record holder, Rick Smith Jr., whose card would make an audible whistle when he let them fly. To replicate the effect for non-professional card throwers, Brumbalow punches uniquely-shaped die-cut holes into his cards that catch the air juuust so as they slice through it, and generate a signature scream.

Banshees throwing cards also have a measuring system on their faces for throwers to track their progress, and bevel cut edges to help with carving and penetration on contact.

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