Awful Phantom Labyrinth Cube

Posted: August 17, 2018
Awful Phantom Labyrinth Cube
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Oh, that Awful Phantom Labyrinth Cube! sounds like something my mama would say. Like, Oh, that awful rap music! or Oh, that awful Timmy from down the street! Then she'd launch into a diatribe about why the awful thing is so awful. But since my mama isn't here, it's up to me to tell you about the awfulness of the Awful Phantom, which is part of a unique line of puzzle cubes from INSIDE3.

The labyrinth portion of the Awful Phantom is obviously a maze. But the level of difficulty in solving it - INSIDE3 rates this one a 9 out of 12 - increases because once you release the ball, it disappear both inside the maze, and inside the opaque cube housing the maze. You have to solve it blind. "Just a 3D maze played in the dark!" say INSIDE3.

Adding another layer to the challenge, and the Awful Phantom name, is a second ball that's hidden inside a secret door in this cube. There to rattle around and mess with your senses as you try to listen and feel the real ball's path through the labyrinth.

However, for those who reach the point of wanting to throw the GD Awful Phantom into the trash compactor during play, this model of the cube series does open up so you can get hints on where the ball is and needs to go, or just take it out to start over and let someone else have a try.

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