Arena - The Game of Chess in Concrete

Posted: May 31, 2023
Arena - The Game of Chess in Concrete

Inspired by Roman amphitheaters and made of everyone's favorite building material*, Arena - The Game of Chess is Material Immaterial Studio's concrete interpretation of the checkered board and royal playing pieces. It's not quite as striking and formidable as the design firm's Factory, a rolling ball kinetic sculpture, but Arena does distinguish itself amongst the wide array of chess sets available. Especially if you're into classic architecture and minimalist decor.

The set uses a Light and Dark Grey color scheme for its chessmen, each of whom have their own architectural design representing their position on the board. Material Immaterial Studio points out the concrete material and hues of the Arena make it an ideal setting for shadowplay. Nope, not some chess move or twist on the game itself, but a place for actual shadows to cast over the concrete stands and pieces in changing daylight, and by lamplight at night. The effect brings more drama to your masterful chess maneuvers, plus just makes the Arena look even cooler as a display piece.

You might be wondering, as I know I was, how much Arena - The Game of Chess weighs. In total, it is 6.1 pounds of concrete.

*OK, favorite tied with LEGO.

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