All-White Rubik's Cube

Posted: March 09, 2021
All-White Rubik's Cube
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Always white, always white, always white! But. Sometimes the All-White Rubik's Cube turns up a furry Wampa white, and sometimes it's a leathery Air Force 1 White.

On its extra-textured surface, the All-White Rubik's Cube may seem gimmicky, or like just another weird Japanese product, but it really has a lot of practical applications to complement its unique appearance. Some say humans rely too heavily on their sense of sight, at the expense of their 4 other sense. The All-White Rubik's Cube, yes, has some visual clues on its 6 sides to help you solve the puzzle, but it also encourages a more tactile experience. You can feel your way through the twists and turns to match up the cube's gnarled, gritty, smooth, fluffy, pimply, and prickly textures.

And for those who don't have a choice about feeling their way - the blind, vision-impaired, you and your friends during a power outage - the All-White Rubik's Cube design will allow all to experience the joy ,and the frustration, of the Rubik's challenge.

Muchas danke to Technabob.

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