A Maze Analogue & Electric Marble Gaming Console

Posted: July 15, 2018
Maze Analogue & Electric Marble Gaming Console

A Maze and a marble your friends with Marco Iannicelli's analogue and electric gaming console whose tabletop and labyrinthine gaming mechanism are carved entirely out of marble. The A Maze design places a tilting puzzle of 7 concentric rings atop a minimalist control panel base and legs reminiscent of a classic arcade. Well, classic arcade meets Museum of Modern Art.

During gameplay, players use the lone A Maze controller, a black joystick, to steer a metal ball around curves and through doorways to the goal. In this case, the goal isn't the center of the maze, but a point directly opposite from the start. Iannicelli deliberately placed the two ends of A Maze close together to play with "the boundary between space and time." The start and finish are separated by less than an inch, but reachable only through thoughtful - and possibly time-consuming - effort.

After discussing the space-time continuum, Iannicelli goes on to say A Maze actually has no goal, no end and no beginning. He continues on about the 7 rings and the importance of the number 7 in history and mystery, and a bunch of other philosophical hogwash that make you go, WTF? I'm gonna pay, what, thousands of dollars for a solid marble gaming console, and the lone game it comes with I can't even win?! Psssh!

I'll take one NES Classic, please.

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