18k Gold Diamond-Filled Pinata

Posted: July 24, 2019
18k Gold Diamond-Filled Pinata
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If I had to pick, I guess I'd rather someone send me an $85,000 18 karat gold pinata filled with 50 diamonds than a $12 million 140' trimaran power yacht. Easier delivery, less maintenance, no vacation time required for use. And either one would probably get me special favors from my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, in return.

My point is, Miansai can go ahead and ship me one of their Party Animals. I know Cinco de Mayo has already passed for the year, but Taco Tuesday happens every week. Plus, if owning a solid gold donkey filled with solid diamond diamonds isn't reason enough to throw a fiesta, I don't know what is.

It hasn't got the right color scheme, but if you're looking for gifts for fans of Fortnite, my guess is they wouldn't re-gift an 18k gold Party Animal, or balk at the precious gem loot inside it, if you gave it to them either.

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