Indoor Ninja Throwing Star Range

Posted: December 26, 2013
Indoor Ninja Throwing Star Range

I don't know too much about Lexington, Kentucky. Well, really I don't know anything about Lexington, Kentucky except that beginning Spring 2014 it will be #1 on my list of vacation destinations. In Spring 2014 Ninjas, an indoor throwing star range, is scheduled to open.

I don't know too much about this activity center to end all activity centers except that, first and foremost, its motto echoes my own sentiments: HELL YES!, and, secondarily:

  • Ninjas will have indoor throwing star lanes available for use by 15 to 20 ninjas and/or unskilled people who enjoy flinging sharp objects at a time.
  • Ninjas will sell over 500 shurikens.
  • And maybe blowdarts because the facility will also house a blowgun range.
  • Lessons will be on offer. Hopefully protective eyewear and suturing kits too.
  • Patrons 21 and over will be able to break from throwing bladed stars and refresh themselves in Ninjas' sake bar. Now that sounds like both a terrible, and a terribly tasty idea.
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