APC Tank Paintball Battle

Posted: April 24, 2012
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Who wants to come out and play with me, my paintball guns, and my colossal FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier? Armourgeddon, based out of Leicestershire, England (sorry, US of A) hosts extreme paintball experiences headlined by a fleet of British tanks. Gone are the days of taking cover behind barrels and burlap sacks filled with sand. In fact, gone are the days of taking cover, period. When you're driving, loading, or firing from inside a 15 ton APC, it's full-speed, head-on, and pants-dry into battle.

Armourgeddon Tank Paintball excursions upgrade what would be 2 hours of watching Battle of the Bulge and eating Pringles to a real-life fantasy of heavy duty weaponry, technicolor ammo, and unmitigated testosterone on the loose. Following an introductory training session, during which warriors are outfitted in uniforms and helmets, and taught the basics of driving the tank, loading the breech, and firing its massive mounted air gun, the APCs head out for a few minutes of target practice. Speed, dexterity, and strategic fortitude inside the tanks are crucial, and there will be limited time to master all 3 skills before storming into the belly of conflict.

Battles are tank-to-tank, and unfold on a WWII bombing range. Each FV432 houses 3 people, who rotate between driving and steering via periscope, arming and aiming the 40 mm cannon, and delivering the splattery blasts.

Tank Paintball participants must be at least 16 years old, and under 6'4" and 310 pounds. Battles run Saturdays, Sundays, and every other Wednesday from April through October.

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