EARTH: An Immersive AR Experience

Posted: May 28, 2018
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From our planet's history to its geology, its wildlife to its weather patterns, EARTH endeavors to put the whole world in your hands. And then suck the rest of you right inside it. AstroReality pairs a 3D-printed globe, scaled to 1:106,300,000 of Earth's actual size, with an AR- and AI-driven app to create a new type of globetrotting, an immersive way for people of all ages to explore the world's past, present, and future.

The EARTH experience requires an iOS or Android app and compatible mobile device. With the app open users can then point to any of hundreds of locations on the globe model to activate an augmented reality display of information covering a range of categories. Like an interactive encyclopedia. Categories include:

  • Animals. The migration patterns and habitats of existing and extinct populations.
  • Plants. Biomes, crops, and flora of a particular location.
  • Geology. The formation and evolution of the planet's "body."
  • Environmental. Climate change and human impact on the world.
  • Humanities. Anthropological and other information about the human experience on Earth.
  • Meteorology. Global weather systems and patterns.

In addition to its point-and-learn capabilities, EARTH will also have a voice-control option, courtesy of a voice assistant AstroReality has named "Gaea." To learn more, or dive into an AR EARTH of your own, head over to Kickstarter through July 6, 2018, and support the immersive globe's crowdfunding campaign.

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