Cuyler Smith Pop Culture Trading Cards

Posted: June 04, 2018
Cuyler Smith Pop Culture Trading Cards
$15 - $85
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With his pop culture trading cards, Cuyler Smith combines mad illustration skills with a longtime love of film and TV. There aren't many sports movie and series character favorites left out of Smith's card series. His original artwork graces the faces and uniforms of everyone from Rocky Balboa to Bobby Boucher, and Rod Tidwell to Kelly Kapowski (as Varsity Volleyball, not Varsity Cheer captain).

Pop culture trading cards are double-sided, with the sports star and his or her name, team, and, where applicable, number and position on the front, and a quick bio, plus a trademark quote on the back.

At printing, most of Cuyler's framed cards, featuring 2 cards mounted front and back, were sold out. But a few gems still remained, along with a couple dozen unframed individual cards. Trading cards are 2-1/2" x 3-1/2", and include a 3" x 5" top-loader. Cuyler has signed and numbered all of them, each pop culture nod part of limited, typically 90-piece edition.

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