Crazy Aaron's Angry Putty - Putty That Fights Back

Posted: October 02, 2022
Crazy Aaron's Angry Putty - Putty That Fights Back
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Who's angry? Who wants to get angrier?! Well then, here's Crazy Aaron's Angry Putty, at your service. That's my guess, anyway, because I can't imagine a squeeze, stretch, and fidget toy self-described as "Putty That Fights Back" is going to provide much relief of the stress and anger you'd normally use it for.

Might be a good subversive gift for people you don't like much, though. Or, given Crazy Aaron's Angry Putty also says "Hot Head" in big red letters across the front, don't forget about it the next time you need a Secret Santa gift for your (least) favorite Karen or political ranter.

The way Crazy Aaron's Angry Putty "works" is that the more you stretch it, the stronger its fiery red strands become. Like, maybe, over-kneaded bread dough, or your muscles doing yoga. Crazy Aaron also reports that, despite growing stronger as you manipulate it, Angry Putty will never dry out.

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