S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol

Posted: February 16, 2013
S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol

Does depressing the S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol's spring steel trigger really release unstable and highly reactive Zephane gas for co-mingling with exposed Ampratite crystals, the consequences of which generate an intense plasma blast? To those with rich imaginations, even richer bank accounts, and a perceived Slimer problem, yes. Yes it does.

Daniel Stuart handmade his steampunk weapon of explosive theoretical substance from forged steel tubing and layers of hand contoured steel plate. Its spring steel trigger really pulls back to turbocharge the fantasy. Stuart intends his gun to look and feel real, and, for LARP planning purposes, compares its tactile sensation to old navy revolvers made entirely of steel and brass.

The S-76 Ampratite Plasma Pistol comes with the pictured stand and test piece, with a special holster available by request for an additional fee. Gun measurements are 8" high x 3" wide x 8" long.

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