Python Skin Darth Vader Helmet

Posted: May 03, 2016
Python Skin Darth Vader Helmet

If ladies can spend $3,000 on a snakeskin purse, there's no reason I can't spend $3,000 on a snakeskin Darth Vader helmet. Well, there's one reason: ELEMNT is making only one of them. So if my friend Cornelius gets it first, I guess I'm SOL.

I don't know what gave ELEMNT the idea to cover a Vader helmet in python skin. Maybe they think, repentance or not, he will always be a cold-hearted snake. Or maybe they want someone to walk around saying, Luuuuuke! I ate your father. More probably, they just got their hands on one of the 1,200 collector's edition helmets Disney made with the mold used to cast the Dark Lord's helmets in the original Star Wars series and thought, What the hell? ELEMNT's primary artistic focus is designing Macbook covers and iPhone / iPad covers from marble, snake, alligator, and even stingray skins.

The Python Vader helmet is number 235 of the 1,200 created, and ELEMNT says it came to them in mint condition. Even with the black serpent treatment, the mask still detaches from the headpiece, so the helmet is wearable. A 24K gold branding on the back completes the ELEMNT homage to Grandpa V.

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