Pirate Handcuffs

Posted: March 24, 2017
Pirate Handcuffs
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Pirate Handcuffs. Oh gee, whaddaya think most people are gonna use these for? Yep, I think so too: citizen's arrests. Too bad Dev and Denise didn't have a pair on that episode of Master of None when they citizen's arrested that guy for jacking off on the subway and...what's that? You weren't thinking citizen's arrests? You were thinking...whaaaat?! The bedroom? Sexy time? BDSM?

Why Grandmother, what a dirty mind you have.

For display, cosplay, or whatever other sort of play tickles your dickle, the Pirate Handcuff replicas are said to be "very authentic." They're made of iron and are fully functional, with an included key for shackling up with your favorite boy or girl.

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