GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand

Posted: November 24, 2020
GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand
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Missing your EDM festivals? Kids in need of a new hobby? Ready to ring in 2021 - and bid farewell with a capital F-you to 2020 - with a stay-at-home LED light show? Well push aside the furniture and get Grandma's glass bird collection out the way, because the GloFX Hypno Levitation Wand is here to awe and dazzle with colorful optical illusions of animated light patterns emanating from a magically suspended baton.

Your own trained sleight of hand, plus a flexible wrist strap and cord, will create the Hypno Levitation Wand's floating effect, while 27 built-in LEDs and over 100 light modes take care of the blazing color trails and designs.

GlowFX says their Hypno Levitation Wand is beginner-friendly, suitable both for "super wand flow pros" and those who have "never even picked up a wand," but if you don't trust your hand-eye coordination, or feel like giving an infinite well of darting light as gift to your kids will ending up giving you a seizure or migraine, GlowFX also makes these slightly less intrusive Infinite Portal Goggles.

Or you could enter the running for Parent of the Year, and spring for a custom-made lightsaber.

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