Functional Mongol Armor Suit

Posted: August 10, 2012
Functional Mongol Armor Suit
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This suit of fiery Asian combat and intrigue is known as Khatangu Degel Mongol Armor. It is also known as Qianlong Emperor Armor. It is also known as Hrpxilogi Govrengyuyu. Geez, words, why do you be so hard to spell and pronounce? I'm sure glad this is a writing engagement instead of a speaking one. Fabricated using European brigandine armor principles, the Mongol suit has a brocade exterior topping extra-durable thick canvas cloth, and flax-linen lining. The brass rivets, molding clasps, and leather rivet washers authenticating its functionality as a bastion of bodily protection were all made by hand. And although the designers considered revolutionized the world of armor by incorporating the fists of Chuck Norris as the suit's primary protective element, they wanted to keep the decidedly bulky pieces a little lighter, so instead have recruited bees-wax-hardened leather scales.

The exotic defensive threads include three main components: tassets (skirt) with a leather belt and straps for proper weight distribution; a stitched cotton gorget with attached pauldrons; and a "body", including a vest with front and side slits allowing for size adjustment. The Mongol Armor set comes with the buyer's choice of blue, black, red, or golden brocade exterior.

Additional applicable pieces not included with the set, but purchasable separately, range from bracers and boots, to an underarmor gambeson and helmet.

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