Fireball-Shooting Harry Potter Wands

Posted: September 17, 2022

These Harry Potter Wands that shoot real fireballs are here to wish you and yours a Lumos!, an Incendio!, maybe even, if you don't follow fire safety practices, an Avada Kedavra! Halloween!

At printing, the fireball-shooting wands appeared to be relatively new Asian imports, so who knows how well they work...and how likely they are to malfunction and light your Halloween decorations and friend Cornelius' hair on fire during use. On the flame-brightside, though, we do have a precedent around here for entertainment-based fire flinging in the Pyro Mini Fireball Shooter from Ellusionist. As far as I know, it is perfectly safe to use (responsibly) and has been around for at least 8 years without (major) incident.

The fireball-shooting Harry Potter Wands don't require a lighter or live fire to work either. They have a USB-rechargeable heating element inside that activates when you wave the wand...and press a button...and ignites an ultrathin piece of tissue-like paper rolled up and slid inside its shaft. The flame that emerges on your command is the paper combusting and exiting the premises.

Harry Potter Wands come in styles Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore (Elder Wand), and Voldemort.

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