Dinosaur Arm Puppets

Posted: June 06, 2019
Dinosaur Arm Puppets
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I'd be cautious about buying one of these dinosaur arm puppets for two reasons. One, it will probably eat you. And two, I'm not sure how reliable the seller, who was pretty new to Etsy and had no reviews at printing, is. So your chosen green T-Rex or blue raptor puppet might never show up. Or it might arrive, but not be of the quality indicated in the photos and description.

Or it could be even more realistic and maneuverable and awesome than it looks in the photos.

And eat you.

The oversized arm puppets are definitely huggers, made of silicone and foam that can bend around the puppeteer's torso, so the dinos look as Awww as they do Rrrawwwrrr. You can control T-Rex and raptor head and mouth movement with one hand stuck up their...neck.

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